1/2 and 1 Day Corporate Mindfulness Training

Choosing a half or full day for training offers an opportunity to be fully immersed in the experience. Participants gain a thorough understanding of how to apply mindfulness in their lives and at work. The workshop includes time to discuss how to develop a regular meditation practice at home and how to use these tools at work to reduce the impact of stress, build empathy and engage effectively.

The sessions include a mindful listening practice that allows people ro explore their patterns in conversation and learn how to be fully present to the other person as they listen.

“I am trying to really listen to what other people are saying rather than thinking about my own reply and interrupting them, which I have a tendency to do. The daily meditation practise has probably made this possible as it seems to have helped with my attention and concentration.”

These session can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. I led a session for an NHS department working what vulnerable children that focused on how to use mindfulness with children and these same tools can be adapted and made relevant to your situation or team.

Nick delivered an outstanding bespoke mindfulness training tailored to the needs of our service. Sessions were engaging, interactive and informative. I feel Nick’s monastic experience, and the depth of his personal practice, set him apart from other mindfulness training providers, who may not have had the same depth of insight. I can highly recommend Evolving Minds as a mindfulness training provider for public sector organizations and beyond.

NELFT NHS Foundation Trust