1/2 and 1 Day Corporate Mindfulness Training

These can be a structured session of 4 or 8 hours, or the 1 hour mindfulness sessions can be incorporated into the framework of your training day. A longer session gives more time to explore the practices and have group discussion and if you choose a 4 or 8 hour option this can then be made into a bespoke session for your people. If you choose to have a series of 1 hour sessions these can run alongside whatever other events you are providing in the training day.

In 2016 I was invited to teach at the mental health and well being conference for staff at the Royal Brough of Kensington and Chelsea Council. Ruby Wax gave the key-note talk after which I led three mindfulness sessions to introduce staff to the practice. The head of learning and development at Kensington Council said:

“This was an excellent, thought-provoking and well attended event. Thank you Nick for reflecting on Ruby Wax’s key-note talk in the practical mindfulness sessions you led and that were received such positive feedback”

I led a session for eBay in 2019 as part of their morning self-care programme for staff. Here, amidst various other wellness events I led a guided body awareness practice and mindfulness session for over 100 people. In this event the focus was more on bringing mindfulness to movement as the event included physical activities and was not about sitting still. Contact me to discuss your event and to see how mindfulness can be incorporated in.