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Evolving Minds offers a simple and accessible approach to learning mindfulness in the workplace. You have a choice of one off presentations, individual workshops or a bespoke course consisting of four or eight sessions.

The 4 or 8 week course offers a chance for people to explore in more depth how to apply mindfulness to their daily experience. Each sessions lasts two hours and as well as guided mindfulness practices there are opportunities to discuss in pairs and share with the group. The course includes home practice and guided meditations are made available to each participant to download and keep. Each week starts with a guided meditation and the opportunity to share and discuss how things have gone in the previous week, providing an opportunity for participants to learn from each other. This is a great team building opportunity, as people share in the process of supporting each other in establishing a regular mindfulness practice in their home life and at work.

Each week has its own theame which encourages group discussion and reflection and by the end of the course participants have a ‘tool box’ of practices to draw on. The range of practices means participants can create their own bespoke approach to practicing mindfulness, drawing on what they find works for them.

One off presentations or workshops are a great way of introducing mindfulness to your people. By the end you will have a clear understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can be applied as well as having experience of a guided mindfulness practice. An example below is from a metal health awareness day where I presented two one hour introductions to mindfulness as part of the programme.

The charts below show the changes recorded by participants filling in a self-appraisal form at the start and the end of the course. The responses on the forms were then analysed to show percentage improvements in: observing, describing, acting with awareness, non judging and non reactivity. This process compared an 8 week course and a 4 week course and the second and third chart show the significantly higher results occurring in the eight week group.

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For more details or to discuss what  you need please use the contact form below.