Mindfulness, coaching and psychotherapy

Mindfulness helps us to attend to what we are feeling, thinking and experiencing in the moment. Through mindfulness practice we cultivate a non judgmental alertness to the present moment, learning to gently guide our attention back to our immediate experience when we […]

Mindfulness Improves Well-being

A recent study by Melissa A. Rosenkranz, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin Madison has show that mindfulness can benefit people with arthritis, inflammatory bowl disease, psoriasis and asthma. The result of a study of particpants on an eight week Mindfulness Based […]

Meditation Flash Mob in Trafalgar Square

Last year I had heard that there was going to be a meditation flash mob in Trafalgar Square so  I went with a few friends on a sunny Summer afternoon and arrived a little before the start time.  It was a typical London scene […]