Being A Friend to Yourself

I’ve recently been noticing a lot of anxiety in my response to having met a man at a Summer festival I was at a few weeks ago. One of the reasons I don’t date is that it always takes me […]

Bare Attention

In last week’s blog I talked of the teaching I attended by Ajahn Vimokkha, a Thai Buddhist monk  teaching at the Buddhist society. As part of this teaching he had us explore a traditional teaching of the Buddha’s, the five khandhas, translated as […]


Last week I went to a practice day at the Buddhist society with Ajahn Vimokkha, a Thai meditation teacher. He had a very clear and fun way of teaching and I’ll share a little of it here with you. He started by […]

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

In this weeks essay I return to a theme I’ve covered before, but it’s so central to the practice that it’s worth repeating. In this week’s  class I’ll be taking about the teaching of ‘the two arrows’. The first arrow is the initial cause of […]

From Shame to Self-Love

I was talking with Kai this week about the Solo Tantra workshop that’s coming up on the 11/12th May and it helped to clarify for me why I want to take part in this and why I want to share this […]