Stress is OK – Changing Your Perspective On Stress

This week I watched a video by Kelly McGonigal that transformed my attitude to stress and teaching how to manage stress. The mindful attitude of ‘leaning in’ to a difficult emotion and bringing a curious attention to how it feels as a […]

Can You Help A Young Man Keep His Leg From Being Amputated?

Ali had had sarcoma cancer in his leg and was receiving treatment, but unfortunately there were complications of ischemia (restriction of blood supply to the tissue with the result of the tissue dying) and as there was no other treatment available his leg was amputated. Ali […]

Taming The Wild Horse Of The Mind

When we meditate we’re not tying to force the mind into silence. You can think of the mind and thoughts as a wild horse. Whilst tying the horse’s legs together will stop it running wild, it is useless as a way […]

Gratitude To Your Body

Yesterday morning I heard Tracy Emin talking of her experience of cancer. She has had her bladder removed and a hysterectomy. She has just received a test saying she is now clear of cancer and she spoke of how she […]

I Love You – Can You Say This To Yourself?

Self-love is not narcism but because we fear being narcissistic or vein we may confuse loving ourself with this and feel that it is somehow bad or wrong. What did the Buddha have to say about self-love? After all he […]