Gay Films That Make You Happy

A few weeks ago I saw a post where someone was asking for suggestions for gay themed films that had happy or uplifting themes. It reminded me how many gay themed films I have watched which end in death, separation or sorrow! […]

An Alternative History For Men Loving Men

February is LGBTQ history Month, so I thought to explore a few themes over these blogs connected with history and gay identity. For more details of events click here  For this week’s blog I have a friend to thank who […]

Creating Intention In Our Day

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful few days wherever you are. Due to the restrictions in movement in the UK and the likelihood that many people will be at home alone this Christmas season I’m running a session this […]

The return of the sun – Winter Solstice

This Monday is Yule, the Winter Solstice, with the shortest day followed by the gradual return of the sun. Solstice has its etymological roots in 13th Century French which itself derived it from the Latin solstitium – its Latin roots being sol ‘the sun’ and  sistere […]

Minority stress and gay men

I was 9 years old when I first registered that the world didn’t like me. Not for anything I had done, but because of something I could not change and had no choice over. It should have been a fun evening, watching […]

The power of nature to heal

As we enter another lock down it’s important to find ways to care for your mental health and emotional well being.  A few weeks ago I heard a report of some research that looked at the impact of giving people […]

Why is it so hard to love ourself?

I’ve been teaching the Loving Kindness practice in the mornings on YouTube and chatting with the people coming to the session has revealed how many people find it hard to feel this love for themselves. It feels much easier for them […]

It’s ok not to be happy

This week I started re-reading ‘The Happiness Trap’ by Russ Harris. I read it five years ago and it was fascinating to read again and see be reminded of the key points I had learnt from it on first reading. It […]

Self-care through kind touch

Over this period of Covid induced restrictions one of the recurring themes on a Monday night is people feeling isolated, lonely and in need of physical contact. We are mammals and social creatures. Our animal body needs touch and nurturing. Whilst […]