Can You Help A Young Man Keep His Leg From Being Amputated?

Ali had had sarcoma cancer in his leg and was receiving treatment, but unfortunately there were complications of ischemia (restriction of blood supply to the tissue with the result of the tissue dying) and as there was no other treatment available his leg was amputated. Ali is now confined to bed or using a wheel chair as no prosthetic limbs are available.

He has the same condition now in his other leg and there is a risk that he will have to have that leg amputated as well as the treatment for it is not available in Algeria. Ali hopes to visit Tunisia where he can receive treatment that will enable him to keep his remaining leg and he is researching where he can go for treatment and its cost.

A friend of his who met him whilst doing a research project a year ago reached out to me on Instagram and arranged a conversation today via Zoom. He’s a lovely, gentle and polite man, very patient and hope full that there can be some help for him. We plan to set up a Go Fund Me page (or similar) for Ali.

  • Do you have any experience of fundraising?
  • Can you recommend the best fund raising platform to use?
  • Do you have any knowledge of cancer that might be of help to Ali?
  • And do you have any contacts or know any surgeons who could be consulted about this condition and how best to treat it?
  • Are you aware of any charities that might help or that could supply a prosthetic limb.

Ali’s father works as a cleaner in the museum and the family has no money to pay for any treatments, so we are going to look to raise the finds via a public appeal. If you would like to get involved and help then please contact me.

If you would like to make a donation now to get the process started you can make a transfer below.

I’ll be sharing details of the funding page as soon as we have it set up.

Please mark your donation: Ali 2021.

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