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Mindfulness meditation for gay and bi men




       Meetings every Monday except Bank Holidays


Friends Meeting House

8 Hop Gardens (a pedestrian lane off St Martins Lane)




Time: 7.30 – 9.15 pm

Cost: £12

 £8 concessions (students and unwaged)


Nearest tube: Leicester Square or Charring Cross


Contact: Nick, 07910 224 560


To find the venue look for a pedestrian lane between Cote and Gym Box:



Join a friendly group of gay, bi, trans men meeting to socialise and learn mindfulness in central London. The evening consist of a couple of short guided meditations, with a 20 minute tea break mid evening.

• Start the week in a calm environment

• Set yourself up for the week to come

• Learn skills to help you let go of stress and nagging thoughts

• Learn a natural way to deal with addictions and improve you sense of self worth and confidence

• Meet some great men in a relaxed environment

We’re now in our 9th year of meeting as a group. The group offers simple and non-religious guidance in meditation. There’s no chanting or ritual, just a simple and direct approach to mindfulness and Loving Kindness – a practice that helps us to connect with a feeling of care for a friend and for ourself.

If you are new to meditation then this is a great place to start as each meditation is fully guided. As a more experienced mediator you may simply enjoy being in a space with 30 other men meditating together.

People come for a variety of reasons: to learn meditation, to meet other gay men away from the pressures of the bars and clubs, or as a support whilst going through a tough emotional time.

Meeting together as a group of gay, bi, trans men means there’s an ease of knowing we are creating this space together as a community for each other and it is possible to address issues that relate to our shared experience.

Over the last 9 years many have found the group a haven when dealing with issues around low self-worth, the pain of a break up or as a support whilst dealing with addictions and going through recovery. If you are going through a tough time then you can be assured the group will be a welcoming space to find support and friendship.

The evening attracts between 20 – 30 men and has a great vibe, very friendly and relaxed. This is a diverse group in terms of race, age and religion. Whoever you are you’ll be welcome!


I did not expect to find anything special when I went other than a space for meditation. It has ended up being one of the most important things I do all week. It gives me some time to focus on myself. But more importantly I found a place full of warm friendly and compassionate gay men. I never thought that meditating with other gay men would be different to a normal meditation group, but the connection you feel in this group feels so different and I always walk away feeling a little bit better each week.


Phil P


I came to the group to refresh my meditation. I’ve been meditating on and off for years. I like meditating, but sometimes I can get out of the habit, or my practices slip. To stay fresh, I like to come to a group once in a while. I tried different groups in London, and liked yours the best. It’s better meditating with other gay men, as it’s like being with family. I get bored having to explain my life to curious, well-meaning straights. The drinks in the pub afterwards are always friendly. And I even went out for a few months with someone I met at your group some years ago.

Jon H



What to wear:

Mats, cushions and chairs are available. Wear loose trousers for comfort. If you are not used to sitting on the floor there are plenty of chairs.

No need to book.

Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators who want to join a group or try a new approach.



7.30 – 7.40 Opening circle – a chance to connect with the other participants Saying your name and a word about how you are feeling right now as you arrive at the class.
7.40 – 8.10 Guided body scan and mindfulness practice A guided mindfulness meditation with the focus on the breath
8.10 – 8.20 Mindful movement Bringing mindfulness to simple movement
8.20 – 8.40 Tea break – the mid evening social The tea break provides an opportunity to socialize. In this first week of attending the group I’ll meet with you and any other new people during the tea break to have a chat and see if you have any questions.
8.40 – 8.55 Reflection or group discussion After the tea break I give a reflection on a topic related to meditation. On the first Monday of the month we go into smaller groups of about 5 or 6 people to discuss a topic and learn from each other.
8.55 – 9.15 Loving Kindness practice It can be so easy for the mind to find fault and criticize. We all experience our inner critic! This practice opens us to the possibility of wishing ourselves and others well, with a loving and open heart.
9.20 – 9.25 Closing circle                      Sharing one word to close the evening.
9.25 – 9.30 Clear up Resetting the room if you have time to help.


The teacher: Nick learnt to meditate in 1990. He started teaching as an undergraduate, where he ran a Buddhist Meditation Society. On graduating lived in an urban Buddhist community for 3 years. He then trained as a Buddhist monk for 6 years in a UK based monastery of the Thai forest tradition. He’s lived in London from 2004 and set up the gay and bi men’s mindfulness group in 2009.



Finding the Venue


Hop Gardens is a pedestrian lane running off St martins Lane, between Gym Box and Cote.

Doors open from 7.10pm.

£12 or £8 concession

There will be someone in the entrance hall to welcome you.

If you are running late the door is answered for about 10 minutes after the class starts, but from 7.40 the bell is turned off so you are unlikely to be able to get in.

The tea break starts around 8.15 and someone will come to the door then to check to see if anyone is waiting to come in.

For more details via MeetUp click here