Gratitude To Your Body

Yesterday morning I heard Tracy Emin talking of her experience of cancer. She has had her bladder removed and a hysterectomy. She has just received a test saying she is now clear of cancer and she spoke of how she looks at her body in the mirror now and feels gratitude towards it rather than looking at parts of her body and not liking them.

It made me think how we can take our body for granted, and how even when ill or after such a severe intervention as she has had it is still possible to then feel grateful for how our body is working, or recovering and how it sustains us.

I led a meditation yesterday morning via YouTube and Instagram based on this theme of gratitude for our body, and this will be the theme this Monday.


When I learnt to meditate the emphasis was on seeing the body as a hindrance and reflecting on the loathsome elements of the body.  This is designed to break down attachment to one’s own and other’s bodies. But it was taught 2,500 years ago to people who had a healthy sense of self worth. It seems in our modern world we first have to have a healthy sense of good will towards ourself before we can learn to let go.

This meditation explores bringing care and appreciation to our body and also of letting go of any shame we may feel.

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