Introductory session outlining the benefits of mindfulness and how to apply it in the workplace.

A clear introduction to the theory and practice of mindfulness. The session will include a brief over view of how mindfulness helps reduce stress and its benefit in the workplace.

“This was an excellent, thought-provoking and well attended event. Thank you Nick for reflecting on Ruby Wax’s key-note talk in the practical mindfulness sessions you led and that were received such positive feedback”  Equality and Diversity Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference, Royal Brough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, 2016

There is a choice of three themes for the introductory session. each session contains a period of guided meditation so participants learn a new skill they can start applying immediately.

  • Mindfulness essentials – a brief introduction to how the brain works when going into flight or flight mode, how this has an impact on our body in terms of stress and ill-health, and how mindfulness can help rebalance our brain so that we no longer feel ourselves to be under siege but can instead connect with a feeling or rest and rejuvenation.
  • Heartfulness: “When you hear the word Mindfulness you have to understand that it is presence of heart” Jon Kabat-Zinn. This session introduces Loving Kindness, an attitude of kind well wishing to yourself and others. For many of us the inner crucial dialogue of our inner monologue and be very hard and judgmental and it can seem hard to really love ourselves. Key to the Loving Kindness practice is learning to care for ourselves and bring kindness to others. Developing this kind and compassionate attitude to wards our own fears and difficulties helps us to then be more patient and tolerant of others.
  • Gratitude – opening our heart to appreciation and fulfilment: This session explores how gratitude can help alter the neural pathways in our brain. Gratitude focuses our attention on what is here rather than what is absent. As we learn to appreciate the things that support and nourish us in our daily life we shift our focus from feeling lack to experiencing support. As the brain gets rewired to notice what is beneficial in our life it causes the brain to focus more on how to bring more of this into our life whereas when we are focused on absence and lack life can start to seem devoid of pleasure and fulfilment and we lose motivation.

These are suitable as stand alone sessions providing an introduction to mindfulness for an organisation, or can be included within a programme you are running such as a well-being day. The content can be adjusted according to your needs, whether it is being presented to give a factual overview of the benefits of mindfulness to an organisation, or more focused on offering guided meditations to offer a direct taster of what mindfulness is.

If you have a large number of delegates the same session can be offered several times throughout the day.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.