Introductory Session for workplace Mindfulness

Mindfulness and self-care: simple practices to help ease stress, reduce worry and anxiety and assist with good sleep. Cultivate greater clarity, focus and clear decision making. 
Nick brings 30 years of experience of practice, including 6 years as a Buddhist monk….but don’t worry, you won’t need to shave your head or eat one meal a day to get the benefits of this ancient wisdom. You may have tried mindfulness before or heard of it and been put off by being told to clear your mind or stop your thoughts. Don’t stress about making your mind clear….this season teaches you how to be with the busy mind rather than setting the impossible task of stopping your thoughts! 
  • The session starts with an over view of the science of mindfulness and the neurology of the brain. You don’t need to have faith that mindfulness is effective, MRI scans show that the brain changes as someone practices mindfulness.


  • Following this there’s a guided meditation to give you your own experience of practicing mindfulness, followed by an opportunity to share experiences in pairs and then ask questions.


  • The session concludes with some simple ways to put mindfulness and self-care practices into effect in your daily life. We can’t always make time for long periods of meditation, but these simple tools will enable to you start practicing mindfulness and self-care right now as you sit at your desk, walk home or do the washing up, turning every day activities into opportunities to improve your state of mind. 
Mindfulness has very practical applications to our daily life. For example if you struggle with getting to sleep due to stressful thoughts you may then notice that this leads to worrying even more about how the lack of sleep will impact on you the next day. This worrying about our worry then creates even more tension keeping us awake for hours. Mindfulness practice trains the mind to step back from thoughts, to notice them but not get lost in them. In the example of sleep this may give you the space to simply accept “I may be sleepy tomorrow”, bringing yourself some kindness as you acknowledge this but accepting that right now you can do nothing more than allow yourself to lay, rest and feel the weight of your body in the bed. As you do this and stop worrying about the worry the mind may settle and you fall asleep! This has been my experience, after years of insomnia as a teen, a few months after learning to meditate I found I was falling asleep within minutes of laying down…and this has continued now for 30 years.
This can be presented as a 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hour session. Suitable as a stand alone session for a team or for use on a training day or workshop. 
Feedback from eBay employees, 2019:

“This was a great workshop, with just the right mix of explanation/theory and practical experience of meditation. I have tried meditating before, but Nick really gave me a fresh perspective on it. I would love it if we could have regular meditation classes!”


“This was a great session that has got me thinking about what I can do in my everyday life moving forward. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and the lessons I have taken from it”


“Awesome. Nick opened up my eyes to a whole new world. Would be great to have more of these sessions”