Introductory Session for workplace Mindfulness

This session offers an introduction to the theory, science and experience of mindfulness. Starting with an over view of recent research into mindfulness and its effects on the brain there is then a guided meditation with time to discuss the experience in pairs afterwards. The session concludes with an opportunity to ask questions.
Ideal as an introduction for people who are new to mindfulness or who may fear that they are not able to meditate due to having a busy mind. The session makes clear that thinking is part of our experience and as we meditate we are not trying to make the mind silent or stop thoughts, but shift into a different relationship to them, where we no longer feel overwhelmed by our thoughts or worries but can take a step back and watch them as they pass by, bringing compassion if needed or a calm observing.
Feedback from eBay employees, 2019:

“This was a great workshop, with just the right mix of explanation/theory and practical experience of meditation. I have tried meditating before, but Nick really gave me a fresh perspective on it. I would love it if we could have regular meditation classes!”

“This was a great session that has got me thinking about what I can do in my everyday life moving forward. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and the lessons I have taken from it”

“Awesome. Nick opened up my eyes to a whole new world. Would be great to have more of these sessions”