Public classes: Gay Men’s Mindfulness Group

Welcome to the online meditation group for gay and bi men.

Whilst it’s not possible to meet in person I’ll be running classes using Zoom. This will offer a chance to stay connected and benefit from meditating as a group.

Suitable for people new to meditation and those with experience. Full guidance is given throughout.

  • Group sharing – via chat box, so we are not talking but writing a word to say how we are as we arrive
  • Mindful movement to help us arrive in our
    bodies, gently stretch and energise ourselves.
  • This is followed by a body scan and mindfulness practice.
  • Comfort break: time to stand and stretch
  • Group sharing/discussion or talk
  • Loving kindness practice/self care practice
  • Closing circle – using the chat box again to write a word for how we are



To join the Monday session click here


Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can start at 7.30:

It’s free to register, once you are booked on please use the payment link below if you can afford to make a payment.

If it is the first time you have used Zoom please allow 10 minutes for the set up, once installed any future sessions will open immediately in the app.


I know over this time some of you will be experiencing financial difficulty. The link below allows you to specify the amount you wish to pay. Please use it to give what you can afford or come to the class for free if you’re in financial hardship.

Full price: £15
Reduced full price: £12
Concession: £8
Or pay what you can afford/come for free



To make a payment click here




There will also be a class open to anyone to attend on Thursdays at 7.30pm.



To register for Thursday click here