Gay Bi Trans Men’s Mindfulness Group

* February offer: Come to your first class for free. Book here *


Welcome to this friendly community of men. Learn how to stop stress and worry taking over and cultivate a sense of wellbeing, ease and calm through some simple guided meditations. Beginners welcome, no previous experience needed.

Peter came to the group for the first time in December 2022. He says: “I came to the class a little bit scared that it will be hard for me to turn off my brain for two hours. However I’m glad that I accepted this challenge. The flowing structure of the session with meditative parts, sharing among the participants and listening to Nick’s nice words prevented me from falling into any commotion. The colour, texture and intensity of his voice has a very calming quality. Two hours flew fast and I’d have even asked for more. After this touching experience I’ll integrate Mindfulness Meditation into my regular practice.”

The evening consists of a mix of guided meditations, a refreshment break which includes time to socialise and conversations in groups of 2 or 3 on the theme for the evening.

We sit on chairs and there are mats and cushions available so no need for you to bring your own mat.

Mindfulness is not about escaping from the world or forcing your mind into silence, but as my teacher once said “it’s building a container to hold the chaos”. The evening explores how to build this strong container by connecting deeply into our body and using the breath as an anchor for our attention so that we can train our mind to stay more on a single point rather than drift into random thoughts, speculation and worries.

“This group is a beacon of light for gay men in London. Nick has created a welcoming and inclusive community space which he holds with grace and kindness.” Paul

When: Every Monday except Bank Holidays

Where: Friends Meeting House, 52 Saint Martins Lane, London WC2N 4EA

Tube: Leicester Square or Charring Cross

Suggested fee:

£15 full price (supporters price making reduced fees possible)
£12 reduced (for those on a low income)
£8 concession (for students, unemployed and retired)

Reduced rates or free for those in financial need – contact Nick to request.

To book your place please use this link and select your ticket:

About the teacher: Nick lived as a Buddhist monk for 6 years and has meditated for over 30 years. This group has been running for 12 years. Nick shares his experience in a secular format that is open to anyone.

For guided meditations please see my You Tube channel: