Mindfulness resources for children and teachers.

We provide training in the .B 9 week course for ages 12-16 and the .B Foundations 8 week course for teachers.

Both courses have been designed by teachers to be taught in the school setting. The 8 week teacher’s programme gives teachers their own in depth experience of mindfulness but also introduces elements of the .B programme so that they can start to be familiar with this to then use with pupils.

From my work in schools I have seen how powerful mindfulness can be as an intervention. One 9 year old boy learnt how to locate the feeling of anger in his body as a sensation and to simply note it and breathe into this place, allowing his anger space to be felt and to pass. After two months I asked how he was getting on with the mindfulness practice and he said that now at home when he felt angry he would go up into his room and breathe. He had a difficult family situation, and the mindfulness training had given him a resource to deal with the anger and difficult feelings this would often bring up.


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