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“Your class has opened up a whole new world of awareness and exploration. The content was interesting and had both a practical application as well as a good sprinkling of history and philosophy.You are a thoughtful and conscientious teacher.”

Paul Hodgkinson

Chairman and Chief Executive



”Nick’s led meditation sessions are clear and gentle reminders that I am a living, breathing person not a balance sheet, not a sales pitch, not just a business.  They have provided a key support for our start-up business – managing the joys, as well as stresses and strains!  Instead of trying to ‘switch off’, his led meditation is helping me discover, and actively create, a responsive approach to the daily maelstrom of ideas, anxieties and demands.  This leaves me much more level-headed and cheerier – free to move our projects forward.”

Michael Holms Coats

TROLLEY studio



 “I’ve tried meditating before, but all self-guided, and it’s worked at points but been quite erratic. Last night was something different – I felt elated (blissful? not sure how to describe it really) pretty much the whole time and felt so calm and balanced the rest of the night and today. It was very useful to be guided through breathing exercises in particular as I’ve struggled with them before (tend to just fall asleep…). I found your teaching really hit the spot – helpful without being too directive and friendly in the right way too. Thank you!”

Andy Jones


“Last thing at night, I sit on the edge of the bed and meditate for five to ten minutes.   I then have the best sleep I have had for weeks.   This happened after only two weeks of classes with Nick. I normally sleep very well but am now on a recently released drug for COPD.   Side effects might include disturbed sleep patterns but the meditation has helped alleviate this!”



“Experiencing the different forms of mindfulness in a group led by you has been very important as it has helped me to practice more regularly and given me a range of meditations to work with.”



“This 8 week course showed me the benefits of Mindfulness in combating stress and anxiety. It worked! I learned more every week, and it was actually good fun, but it also gave me the motivation to adopt daily mindfulness. That is so worthwhile for me. Nick has the heritage to go very deep into mindfulness, but the focus was really practical – using mindfulness to enjoy life more.  If you want to see the effect of mindfulness on making a better life, do this course!”



“The course was very well led by Nick and it was also very enlightening. All the mindfulness insights, exercises and meditations were incredibly useful for my daily life and still very vivid in my mind. All those teachings have been changing my approach to life.”



” Life changing. Fantastic course, really well organised and thought through.”