With 27 year’s experience and 6 years training as a Buddhist monk Nick offers a unique bespoke secular mindfulness training for your people. Choose from an introductory presentation, regular one hour mindfulness classes, an 8 week course or personal coaching.

“The mindfulness sessions are doing me the power of good: Nick’s steady voice levels you on a grizzly Monday. I especially like the meditation where we offer up thoughts of happiness and health to people we know.”

Mary Thompson, Harper Collins

Tuition options

Introductory Session for workplace Mindfulness

Mindfulness and self-care: simple practices to help ease stress, reduce worry and…

1/2 and 1 Day Corporate Mindfulness Training

These can be a structured session of 4 or 8 hours, or…

8 Week Workplace Mindfulness Course

The 8 week option offers an opportunity for people to learn in…

1-1 Mindful Coaching and Zoom Sessions

I offer coaching session for individuals, face to face or via Zoom.…

Public classes: Gay Men’s Mindfulness and Silent Practice Hour

There are two classes at the same venue on Monday nights: an…

8 Week Mindfulness Public Course

Welcome to your journey to greater happiness, contentment and well-being “I recommend…

“This course has been life changing. You delivered it to us with such intelligence, sensitivity and compassion for your fellow human beings.  You made mindfulness real and human, related to the pain, feelings of not belonging, of isolation or inadequacy that we may feel in life and then taught me how through mindfulness I could have a choice and find freedom from suffering.”                                 

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea course participant, 2017



In this hectic world it can sometimes feel there’s no time to stop and take a breath. We can rush through the day barely taking a moment to notice our surroundings or connect fully with another.

Mindfulness means to bring a curious, kind and non-judgemental attention from your heart to whatever thoughts, emotions and physical sensations you notice in this moment. It’s learning to sit in the middle of whatever is here – be it chaos or joy –  without pushing it away or grasping hold of it. From this place of clear seeing and equanimity you can make calm choices, respond to life rather than react, bringing kindness to yourself and others when things don’t go as you would wish and fully experience your pleasure.

Being mindful does not mean cutting off from others but learning to listen deeply to yourself and others so that you can be fully present to yourself and them, seeing how your own actions impact on others. It does not mean becoming a perfect person, but having the humility to learn from experience and make changes. Bringing a kind, compassionate and non-judgemental attitude to this means we do not fall into self-recrimination as we notice any areas where our actions are not in line with our principles, but calmly reflect on how we might change our actions. And when we do notice negative self-talk or limiting self-beliefs, we learn to bring kindness to this struggle.

In conversation this means really hearing others rather than hearing what you think they are saying – listening and responding rather than half listening, planning what to say and then speaking without having fully heard the other. Mindful teams learn to work together from a place of deep listening, empathy and self-responsibility. A mindful leader learns to listen, be present to their own thoughts and reactions and bring a calm clarity to decision making.


“Brilliant class, great teacher and so calming and influential. I really look forward to my Monday lunchtimes now!” Lisa Martin


“I’d never done any form of meditation or mindfulness before this, but Nick’s accessible classes have been so interesting and useful, and have left me feeling that I have the tools to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life.” Elena Thompson


I learnt to meditate in 1990 and went on to live for 6 years as a Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition in UK based monasteries. In 2004 I left the monastery and moved to London to explore bringing what I had learnt into the challenges of urban life.

In 2009 I set up a group for teaching mindfulness to gay and bi men in London and the group has continued to be a weekly event attracting up to 40 men every Monday. I then went on to train to teach the MBCT course and have led two courses each year since 2012, as well as leading MBCT courses at Kensington and Chelsea for council staff for two years. I now run workshops and introductory sessions for companies throughout London. Clients have included eBay, Alpro and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

My practice has evolved to explore compassion based meditation as I've found that for myself and a lot of the people I work with a lack of self-love, shame and low self-worth are core wounds. Mindfulness on its own risks bringing a cold observation of the pain we can all feel, which often needs a compassionate holding from the heart to bring heeling and a return to a deeper sense of aliveness and vitality.


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