Mindfulness is simply the act of stopping, taking note of your present experience and choosing where to place your attention.

With 27 year’s experience and 6 years training as a Buddhist monk Nick offers a unique bespoke secular mindfulness training for your organisation. Choose from an introductory presentation, regular one hour mindfulness classes, an 8 week course or personal coaching. Contact Nick to discuss what you need.



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“This course has been life changing. You delivered it to us with such intelligence, sensitivity and compassion for your fellow human beings.  You made Mindfulness real and human, related to the pain, feelings of not belonging, of isolation or inadequacy that we may feel in life and then taught me how through Mindfulness I could have a choice and find freedom from suffering.”

                                                             Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea course participant, 2017


Tuition options

Introducing Mindfulness

Introductory 1 hour presentation giving an overview of mindfulness. A clear introduction…

1/2 and 1 Day

For a more in depth exploration of mindfulness there is an option…

Regular classes

An 8 week course or weekly drop in classes. This option offers…

Public class

An oasis of calm in the heart of London for gay, bi…


Nick has over 25 years’ experience of mindfulness practice, including 6 years as a Buddhist monk. Over the last 10 years he's run a mindfulness class that now attracts up to 50 people each week and has trained in delivering the 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programme and the .B programme for teaching mindfulness to children and teachers.

Nick combines years of rigorous monastic training with a full understanding of the stresses of urban life to offer fully secular mindfulness tuition for people living in the hectic modern world. This unique combination makes Nick's courses a powerful bridge between the wisdom of an ancient tradition and the simplicity of modern secular mindfulness.