Nick has 30 year's experience as a meditator, including 7 years as a Buddhist monk. He now brings together his monastic training with secular practices that allow everyone to benefit from this ancient wisdom of how to be happy through coaching people 1-1 to be the most powerful and creative expression of their life energy, as well as going into companies to run sessions that support mental health, emotional intelligence and creativeness.

As well as his monastic training Nick has studied to lead the 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course (that is recognised as a valuable treatment option for depression), Trauma release work and self-care meditations that boost self-empathy.

Through this combination of skills Nick has supported many people over the last 13 years to find a happier and more fulfilling life as they take part in his courses and personal tuition.

Nick also leads a meditation group for gay men that is now in its 13th year and meets every Monday in central London supporting the mental health and well being of the gay community and can bring this into companies for their LGBTQ+ networks.

Introductory workshop for companies: Being Unshakable, life skills for health, mental well being and improved focus

In a 1 hour/90 minute session session you’ll be introduced to the the core principles of how to self-regulate your nervous system so that you can deal with stress and remain strong and present at times of challenge and overwhelm.

We’ll do this through practices that connect you to your body and regulate your breathing to be in the optimum state for well being and mental ease.

This will be of help to people who may have issues sleeping, who are over thinking and caught in worry, or who want to find a way to focus and sharpen their attention to be able to make better decisions in the moment.


I have experience of working with people who have needed support with panic attacks, relationship issues, and greater focus and clarity and of creating a support package to help them live to their full potential. Derek learnt a simple breathing method he then used in meetings: “Like a lot of people I get anxious before a big work event or when speaking in public to a group of strangers, and often feel like I’m under-prepared or somehow am not making any sense. I practiced the 4-7-8 exercise before a formal meeting and it helped me to relax, be calmer and have more faith in my own abilities, and all went well.

Mindfulness is not a simple solution and one session will not resolve systemic or underlaying issues in a workplace or in your life. Following an ongoing programme of regular meditation and discussion will bring about change.

I create bespoke courses to suit your companies individual needs. I also offer introductory sessions to give an overview of how mindfulness can support your business. Please contact me to discuss further.

I also offer support to individuals and to couples, please see below for more details.







Tuition options

Daily Live Guided Mindfulness Session

Live guided meditation every weekday morning. . Join with people from around…

Introductory Session for workplace Mindfulness

This session offers an introduction to the theory, science and experience of…

1/2 and 1 Day Corporate Mindfulness Training

Choosing a half or full day for training offers an opportunity to…

4 or 8 Week Workplace Mindfulness Course

Compassionate Mindful Resilience Course (4 weeks) CMR creatively delivers evidence-based long-term and…

Coaching for individuals and couples

Personal coaching delivered directly to you via Zoom. I work with individuals…

Gay Bi Trans Men’s Mindfulness Group

  Welcome to this friendly community of gay bi and trans men…

From Chaos To Calm – An 8 Week Mindfulness Course

Create A New Relationship To Yourself And Your World . 8 Week…

“This course has been life changing. You delivered it to us with such intelligence, sensitivity and compassion for your fellow human beings.  You made mindfulness real and human, related to the pain, feelings of not belonging, of isolation or inadequacy that we may feel in life and then taught me how through mindfulness I could have a choice and find freedom from suffering.”


“Brilliant class, great teacher and so calming and influential. I really look forward to my Monday lunchtimes now!” Lisa Martin

“I’d never done any form of meditation or mindfulness before this, but Nick’s accessible classes have been so interesting and useful, and have left me feeling that I have the tools to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life.” Elena Thompson


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