With over 30 years experience, 6 years in a Buddhist monastery and a wide variety of experience in teaching Nick brings a passionate, centred and accessible approach to learning mindfulness.

"My approach is to learn to be ok with the chaos, not to run from it, but to lean in and face it - and find freedom by building the resilience to be strong in the face of suffering"

Working with clients including eBay, Uber, Freshfields and Kensington and Chelsea council I have experience of a variety of workplace settings. Currently teaching online via Zoom, working with between 5 – 64 participants I’ve been able to create a supportive space that makes people feel safe and able to relax despite being at a distance.

I create bespoke sessions for your people. Themes to choose from:

Mindfulness first aid – how to be with difficult emotions and cultivate self-love and compassion

Incorporating mindful moments into the day – short meditations for a sense of space and calm in your day

Introduction to mindfulness – an overview of the science of mindfulness with a guided meditation and time to discuss and ask questions.

Tips on working from home – how stay healthy, productive and care for your mental health whilst working from home


Being Unshakable: life skills for health and mental well being  – I have experience of working with people who have needed support with panic attacks, relationship issues, and greater focus and clarity and of creating a support package to help them live to their full potential. Derek learnt a simple breathing method that he then used in meetings: “Like a lot of people I get anxious before a big work event or when speaking in public to a group of strangers, and often feel like I’m under-prepared or somehow am not making any sense. I practiced the 4-7-8 exercise before a formal meeting and it helped me to relax, be calmer and have more faith in my own abilities, and all went well.”



Sessions can be 1 hour, 30 minutes or 90 minutes. Participants receive links to guided meditations to keep and use. I also offer 1-1 coaching session via Zoom and work with couples for relationship coaching.



“This course has been life changing. You delivered it to us with such intelligence, sensitivity and compassion for your fellow human beings.  You made mindfulness real and human, related to the pain, feelings of not belonging, of isolation or inadequacy that we may feel in life and then taught me how through mindfulness I could have a choice and find freedom from suffering.”

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea course participant

Nick delivered an outstanding bespoke mindfulness training tailored to the needs of our service. Sessions were engaging, interactive and informative. I feel Nick’s monastic experience, and the depth of his personal practice, set him apart from other mindfulness training providers, who may not have had the same depth of insight. I can highly recommend Evolving Minds as a mindfulness training provider for public sector organizations and beyond.

NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

I have become more accepting of emotions that I would previously have classified as unwanted or negative, or ones to get rid of. I no longer feel I have to feel a certain way and it is okay however I am feeling. This has helped me to come to terms with very painful experiences that I would previously have suppressed.

8 week course participant


Tuition options

Introductory Session for workplace Mindfulness

Mindfulness and self-care: simple practices to help ease stress, reduce worry and…

1/2 and 1 Day Corporate Mindfulness Training

These can be a structured session of 4 or 8 hours, or…

8 Week Workplace Mindfulness Course

The 8 week option offers an opportunity for people to learn in…

1-1 Mindful Coaching and Zoom Sessions

I offer coaching session for individuals, face to face or via Zoom.…

Public classes: Gay Men’s Mindfulness Group

Welcome to the gay and bi men's group This online session helps…

8 Week Mindfulness Online Course

STARTS WEDNESDAY 6th MAY 7.00 - 9.30pm over 8 Wednesday evenings “I…

“The mindfulness sessions are doing me the power of good: Nick’s steady voice levels you on a grizzly Monday. I especially like the meditation where we offer up thoughts of happiness and health to people we know.”

Mary Thompson, Harper Collins


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“Brilliant class, great teacher and so calming and influential. I really look forward to my Monday lunchtimes now!” Lisa Martin

“I’d never done any form of meditation or mindfulness before this, but Nick’s accessible classes have been so interesting and useful, and have left me feeling that I have the tools to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life.” Elena Thompson