Mindfulness in the workplace can boost productivity

Once considered something alternative mindfulness courses are being increasingly used by business to improve morale, productivity and the ability to cope with stress. Businesses as diverse as Transport for London (TfL), Google, Facebook, GlaxoSmithKline, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, KPMG, […]

How To Succeed In Your New Year Resolutions

How is your New Year progressing? There’s such a pressure to start the New Year with a sense of resolve and new initiatives it can be easy to then feel like a failure when these resolves come to nothing. I like the […]

The 8 World Winds – Finding Peace Within Life’s Vicissitudes

Last week I introduced the 8 worldly winds as a topic. These are also referred to as the 8 vicissitudes, which refers to the experience of an alteration between opposite states. The ‘winds’ therefore describe this tendency of moving from a pleasant to an unpleasant experience […]

How To Stop Suffering – The 8 Worldly Winds

I’ve been talking with a friend who is on a course looking at a teaching of the Buddha’s called the ‘8 Worldly Winds’ and it gave me the thought for today’s essay. Buddhism loves lists! But this is a useful […]

Loving Yourself As A Whole By Embracing The Shadow

Healing Dysfunctional Patterns By Meeting Your Shadow  Here in the Northern hemisphere we recently passed the Winter solstice and the light is now returning. Our world is one where there is this constant interplay between light and dark. As the […]

Being Your Authentic Self As A Gay Man

I’ve been re-reading The Velvet Rage recently. It’s a very powerful read. In it Alan Downs talks of how as a child we learnt to hide a part of ourselves that society or family told us was unacceptable. More than just […]

What Is Home?

As I continue to look for a permeant home after moving into a short term stay it raised the question for me a few days ago of what does home mean to me? I was leading a meditation in a […]