Mindfulness in the workplace can boost productivity

Once considered something alternative mindfulness courses are being increasingly used by business to improve morale, productivity and the ability to cope with stress. Businesses as diverse as Transport for London (TfL), Google, Facebook, GlaxoSmithKline, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, KPMG, […]

Why do we find it so hard to accept a compliment?

Have you ever noticed a tendency in yourself or others to feel uncomfortable in receiving a compliment? This can play out in different ways: 1. Assumed criticism: Someone tells you you look great and rather than receiving this as appreciation you think […]

Working with worry

When I ask people to say why they came to the class in the feedback form every newbie fills out, the main reason is anxiety. It was certainly the reason I learnt to meditate. My mind was so consumed with […]

Being A Friend to Yourself

I’ve recently been noticing a lot of anxiety in my response to having met a man at a Summer festival I was at a few weeks ago. One of the reasons I don’t date is that it always takes me […]

Bare Attention

In last week’s blog I talked of the teaching I attended by Ajahn Vimokkha, a Thai Buddhist monk  teaching at the Buddhist society. As part of this teaching he had us explore a traditional teaching of the Buddha’s, the five khandhas, translated as […]


Last week I went to a practice day at the Buddhist society with Ajahn Vimokkha, a Thai meditation teacher. He had a very clear and fun way of teaching and I’ll share a little of it here with you. He started by […]