The 8 World Winds – Finding Peace Within Life’s Vicissitudes

Last week I introduced the 8 worldly winds as a topic. These are also referred to as the 8 vicissitudes, which refers to the experience of an alteration between opposite states. The ‘winds’ therefore describe this tendency of moving from a pleasant to an unpleasant experience […]

Loving Yourself As A Whole By Embracing The Shadow

Healing Dysfunctional Patterns By Meeting Your Shadow  Here in the Northern hemisphere we recently passed the Winter solstice and the light is now returning. Our world is one where there is this constant interplay between light and dark. As the […]

2 minutes to reduce stress and manage a panic attack

For mental health week, a simple practice for dealing with stress, the 4-7-8 breathing meditation.  Taking only a few minutes it promotes a sense of calm by lowering blood pressure. The practice can be helpful for anxiety-related sleep problems by […]

Introduction to mindfulness

Guided bodyscan and mindfulness practice. This practice invites you to rest deeply into any sense of ease, bliss and rapture you may be feeling as you bring your attention to rest in the present moment. If you notice more difficult […]

Emotional first Aid – 10 minute mindfulness

It’s time to do some Fofbocing! The letters stand for: Feet On Floor, Body On Chair, and it is one of the meditations taught in the schools programme for teenagers. It is a great meditation to use when you need a […]

Self-care at a time of difficulty

Last week I discussed the FOFBOC, a short meditation to use as a punctuation point in the day. What happens though when there is a more difficult emotion to deal with? This weeks’ practice looks at how to bring self-care […]