Being Your Authentic Self As A Gay Man

I’ve been re-reading The Velvet Rage recently. It’s a very powerful read. In it Alan Downs talks of how as a child we learnt to hide a part of ourselves that society or family told us was unacceptable. More than just […]

Gay Films That Make You Happy

A few weeks ago I saw a post where someone was asking for suggestions for gay themed films that had happy or uplifting themes. It reminded me how many gay themed films I have watched which end in death, separation or sorrow! […]

An Alternative History For Men Loving Men

February is LGBTQ history Month, so I thought to explore a few themes over these blogs connected with history and gay identity. For more details of events click here  For this week’s blog I have a friend to thank who […]

Minority stress and gay men

I was 9 years old when I first registered that the world didn’t like me. Not for anything I had done, but because of something I could not change and had no choice over. It should have been a fun evening, watching […]

Needs and Wants

Last weekend I was on a new two day course for gay men called “Who Am I”. I led a meditation session at the start of the Saturday session and then participated for the rest of the workshop. As gay men we […]

Loving Ourselves As a Whole

Yesterday I listened to a guided Loving Kindness a friend sent me that he had led for an online group. Moustafa Abdelrahman led the meditation in a way that I found really refreshing. Traditionally the practice moves from self, to a good […]