Mindfulness tuition for individuals.

Personalised sessions offering you the opportunity to explore how to apply mindfulness to your life and work. The sessions include guided meditations and the opportunity to discuss any issues arising in your life. The sessions can take place at your office or in Clapham Common.

In these sessions the learning arises out of a response to whatever you bring to the conversation. Previous clients have found it helpful to have an hour where they can step out of the problem solving mindset and instead explore allowing solutions to rise out of a deep listening to themselves. Nick brings 27 years experience of mindfulness practice and monastic training into the field of coaching, which enables him to hold a space where the client feels deeply listened to. Out of this listening Nick will suggest any relevant practices to use in the week ahead and will lead guided meditations that help you to find your own resources.

“I found Nick’s mindfulness sessions really helpful and informative. I’ve never been able to switch off and really benefit from mindfulness in the past, but Nick’s particular approach of using mindfulness to work through stressors enabled me to pinpoint areas for me to concentrate on and allowed me to really get the most from the sessions” Claudia at Tlero


Cost for a one hour session

Between £90 – £120 depending on if it is in Clapham or your office.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.